Which Dating Site for Married People Tops The List?

Are you looking for love or someone to keep you glued on your phone with naughty texts? Despite the reasons, there are numerous dating sites full of people ready to go down the chosen path with you. Dating sites are not a traditional source of matchmaking. They’re a millennial platform to reduce the stress of looking at people on the streets awkwardly with the hope of finding a partner. There are distinct versions, each with its requirements and benefits. To make your work a bit easier, below is a compilation of the best dating sites.


Zoosk is a large dating site with a population of up to 40 million. The best part is that these people are diverse, originating from almost 80 different countries. The provision means there’s a high chance for you to meet someone that will perfectly fit your requirements. The dating sites charge no amount for their services. Currently, it has an app that you can install on your phone, making it easier to use whenever and wherever. All you have to do to be up to speed is create a profile. You can do this through Facebook.

Silver Singles

Silver Singles is one of the best dating sites for seniors. The people who are not soo old and have no fear to explore that online dating world. The dating app is considered one of the best since it is user-friendly that the people in this category can master within a short period. It matches people on the grounds of compatibility regarding profiles. Also, there is an option to send direct messages to the people you like before taking it to a private place. The site does not charge its users a coin but offers them an opportunity to meet a lifetime partner.

Elite Singles

One of the reasons people don’t get a chance to date is their requirements regarding their dynamics. Well, Elitesingles has this process more accessible for people of over 30 years holding a college degree. Having graduated from college is a qualification for you to join this dating site. The essential services like signing up are all free. At this stage, you can communicate on an open platform and match with other single people. However, if you feel the need to have private conversations, you have to upgrade. It means that you have to pay a small amount of fee, but it is worth it. More than 3000 people find love on this site every month. There’s so much potential, and the app will only suggest you match with people that seem ideal for you.


OkCupid is, in fact, one of the oldest dating sites to exist. It dates to 2004 where online dating was still evolving. The best thing about it is that it is free to use. All you have tO do to join the bandwagon is create a profile. The site has numerous questions that you have to answer before becoming a member. All these questions will offer information that will get sued to suggest matches for you. You also have the opportunity to highlight the most important factors that you want to uphold. The site then calculates your compatibility and matches you with all the people you may like.


The name of this dating site suggests what will happen when you join it. They are tons of people from different countries, cultural backgrounds that you will mingle with while on the site. One unique thing about Mingle2, is that it’s the most popular dating sites for married couples. That’s right. If you are older and married, there are people just like you who want to meet. Opening an account is an easy process as there are not so many requirements. Once you join, you will get people waiting to meet you. Mingle two is known for taking pride in the safety of its users. It frequently monitors all the profiles, both new and old, to ensure none has ill motives. Also, it has a feature called members online that displays all the poles online at a specific time. The provision makes it easier to start conversations and get the wheels going. The icing on the cake for this site is that it is free. You won’t have part with a coin, but in the long run, you will find love.

If you’ve been single for a while, worry not. Dive in one of the above dating sites since someone is waiting for you.

From Friendship to Relationship

From Friendship to Relationship

Many people are afraid to go from friendship to relationship, they are scared that if the relationship doesn’t work they will lose a valued friend.  Having a friend of the opposite sex who doesn’t judge and offers support is a treasure you shouldn’t take lightly.  But relationships where two people start off as friends first has a foundation in place that you build on to create your own happily ever after.

Attraction Isn’t Enough

We have all been there or watched a friend go through it, where they meet someone new and everything is smoking hot until the honeymoon phase is over and then you realize that the two of you don’t have much in common or even much to talk about.  Mutual attraction isn’t enough to sustain a relationship long term, how do you build a future with someone you share no interests with.  Here is a look at what happens all too often when the honeymoon phase is over.

Built In Trust

When you are already good friend you have a built in level of trust that most couples take years to build.  You have already shared embarrassing stories, met each other’s families and shared secrets.  You have genuine affection for each other outside of romantic interest and you have already found your common ground.  For couples that aren’t friends first it can take years to build up this level of friendship.

The Hard Part

The hardest part of connecting romantically with someone you have been friends with for years it getting up the courage to tell them.  You can waste years wondering if they feel the same way about you or if they only think of you as a friend.  There is more than just the normal fear of rejection involved, you don’t just worry about someone not liking you romantically but there is the very real possibility of losing a friendship or making things awkward between both of you.

Getting Together

If you find yourself attracted to someone that you have been friends with for a long time at some point you’re going to have to bite the bullet and tell them.  Yes, it is risky but everything worth having is hard.  Take the risk, most romances that start out between two people who have been friends work very well.  There is nothing more worthwhile than having a long lasting, loving relationship with your best friend.

Give Speed Dating a Try

Give Speed Dating a Try

Trying to find that special someone or even just dating can be hard, we are busy and meeting people isn’t always easy.  Today you have a lot more options than just relying on friends to introduce you to a potential date.  One of the latest fads in the world of dating is speed dating, so should you give speed dating a try?  Let’s take a look at speed dating and whether it is for you.

What is Speed Dating?

Speed dating is where a bunch of singles get together in an informal setting, usually a restaurant or coffee shop and you can briefly get to know one another.  You sit down with another person for 5-10 minutes and chat then a bell goes off and you move on to the next “date”.  After meeting everyone you fill out a form and indicate who you would like to see again.  If two people decide they would like to see each other again then the organizers will give contact information so the couple can take it from there.

Why Choose Speed Dating

Speed dating has some advantages over online or trying to meet someone through friends, the biggest being that you can meet a whole bunch of singles all at once.  People are busy and even something as mundane as getting together with friends for coffee can be a scheduling miracle.  Speed dating gives you the chance to go on a dozen dates in one night rather than trying to arrange coffee with someone you’re iffy about meeting.

If you have ever been on a bad date then you know how endless they can seem, you’re trying to find a way out of the situation without being rude.  With speed dating you only have to wait 5-10 minutes then the date will be over.  It’s one of the easiest ways to meet people and chat without too much pressure.

Disadvantages of Speed Dating

The biggest disadvantage of speed dating is the rejection.  While it isn’t face to face rejection like being turned down for a date there is still an element of rejection when your interest is not reciprocated.  You may have met someone or several people that you found attractive and that you wanted to get to know better but that interest wasn’t returned.

Don’t take this rejection personally and be too afraid to get back out there.  Speed dating is not for everyone, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t have some fun with it and meet some interesting people.