Give Speed Dating a Try

Give Speed Dating a Try

Trying to find that special someone or even just dating can be hard, we are busy and meeting people isn’t always easy.  Today you have a lot more options than just relying on friends to introduce you to a potential date.  One of the latest fads in the world of dating is speed dating, so should you give speed dating a try?  Let’s take a look at speed dating and whether it is for you.

What is Speed Dating?

Speed dating is where a bunch of singles get together in an informal setting, usually a restaurant or coffee shop and you can briefly get to know one another.  You sit down with another person for 5-10 minutes and chat then a bell goes off and you move on to the next “date”.  After meeting everyone you fill out a form and indicate who you would like to see again.  If two people decide they would like to see each other again then the organizers will give contact information so the couple can take it from there.

Why Choose Speed Dating

Speed dating has some advantages over online or trying to meet someone through friends, the biggest being that you can meet a whole bunch of singles all at once.  People are busy and even something as mundane as getting together with friends for coffee can be a scheduling miracle.  Speed dating gives you the chance to go on a dozen dates in one night rather than trying to arrange coffee with someone you’re iffy about meeting.

If you have ever been on a bad date then you know how endless they can seem, you’re trying to find a way out of the situation without being rude.  With speed dating you only have to wait 5-10 minutes then the date will be over.  It’s one of the easiest ways to meet people and chat without too much pressure.

Disadvantages of Speed Dating

The biggest disadvantage of speed dating is the rejection.  While it isn’t face to face rejection like being turned down for a date there is still an element of rejection when your interest is not reciprocated.  You may have met someone or several people that you found attractive and that you wanted to get to know better but that interest wasn’t returned.

Don’t take this rejection personally and be too afraid to get back out there.  Speed dating is not for everyone, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t have some fun with it and meet some interesting people.