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6 Tips for Mature Dating

50 plus individuals say this along with me, 50 is not the end of life! Don’t fear to date after 50; it should be a great experience whether you have been dating for a while or you are getting back to the dating scene after divorce. Here are a few dating tips for mature singles over 50.

  • Everything is still the same.

While in your 50s, it may seem harder to date than it did when you were in your twenties, but in several ways, nothing has changed. Dating is still about getting to know each other transparently and taking the time to see if you are compatible. Communication remains the key. From early on, be keen for you to determine if you connect spiritually, emotionally, intellectually and physically with your potential partner.

This advice may sound so cliché but it is as pertinent as ever: Be yourself, be open-minded, and be honest. Other important things to do are identifying your strengths and weaknesses and knowing what exactly you want in a relationship.

  • Something has changed.

In mature dating, the way you see and talk about your future is totally different from how you did in your twenties. The future you pondered is here now; big family, retirement and death and aging are not as distant as before. How you and your potential partner communicate and perceive your future determines compatibility.

  • Sex does Matter.

Sex does matter just as it did when you were young. Before starting to date someone new, you should know your boundaries and values. Many older daters feel more confident sexually than in days of their self-doubting youth. Others are terrified of being with someone new due to paralyzed body issues. And some are struggling with hormonal imbalances that negatively affect their sex life. Early on in a new dating relationship, you should expect to have a sex talk.

  • Let your Past be History.

You have the past; everyone does. Don't keep the record of all the negative stuff that happened in past relationships. If you want a new relationship to blossom, learn from the relationship disappointments and approach your potential partner with optimism.

Do not talk about exes on the first date and if you mention them let it be on a light note and without bitterness. Bitterness over a past relationship can be a great deal breaker.

  • Patience is the key.

Re-entering the dating scene can be overwhelming and nerve-wracking but be patient with you. Only do what you are comfortable with. If you are anxious about going on a dinner date with a stranger, it is okay to opt for a daytime date. If the affection directed to you is overwhelming, kindly explain to them that you need to take it slow.

Generally, be patient with dating. You will meet many people who are not "the one". Besides, you are not dating out of urgency to marry and make babies; there is no ticking biological clock. Slow down and be in a relationship for the right reasons.

  • Involve family and friends.

When you are ready to meet someone new, let your loved ones know; your children and friends. However, you should also expect some politics of death and divorce from family members who may feel uneasy about you re-entering the dating scene. You should not expect everyone to understand; instead stand up for yourself politely and gracefully in such situations.

6 Tips for Mature Dating
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