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7 Date Ideas for 50 plus Couples

Life does not end at 50; senior dating should be super fun! All we need is to change our mindset, get out there and meet new people. However as one gets back into the dating scene, thinking of a good date activity can be really hard. Here are a few date ideas that will ensure you have fun, stay young and vibrant.

1.Go to the movies.

Movie dates may sound old school, but they are both fun and relaxing. However, it depends on the movie you choose to watch. Select a movie both you and your date are partial to. Avoid horror and the action movies. A better choice would be is a good drama that will strike a great dinner conversation in which you can greatly impress your significant other.

2.Double Dates

For 50 plus individuals who experience anxiety as they re-enter the dating scene, a double date with friends would be a great idea. It puts everyone at ease and ensures conversations flow smoothly. To avoid appearing antisocial or bring up awkward topics during double dates, here are some topics one should steer clear of unresolved conflicts, exes and best talk especially if your partners are not as well acquainted. Safe topics for the double date small talk includes Job and family, popular culture and trending news, not politics, though.

3.A trip to a Winery.

Wineries are an ideal date for the over 50 couples. If you and your date are into whites or reds, then you will have a great time here. The settings in which they take place are really beautiful and the best part about it all is that wine to be sampled is in abundance.

4.Take a class together on a date night.

Taking yoga or cooking classes together can be really entertaining. This kind of activities creates a chance to get to know each other in a low-pressure manner. Working as a team on a new recipe builds a sense of you two as a couple and makes you grow closer than when doing things they know well. However, taking classes together is only a good date idea if you don't have any of these issues:

  • You are super competitive, and if your significant other is better at something than you are, it might bother you.

  • You're not willing to complete the class if it stops being interesting to you, but your date still likes it. If you abandon something when you're doing it as a couple activity, it will seriously hurt your relationship.

  • You have a limited attention span, and you know you'll want to leave the class a few moments after it starts.

5.Do some voluntary work together

The activity you choose in this case must be emotionally fulfilling and uplifting for the both of you. It should not feel forced to either of you; it would spell gloom and doom to the blossoming relationship. Showing your empathetic side is never a bad idea. The feeling of doing the right thing and being a good person will make you admire that in each other and feel proud of each other as a couple. Such a date will show how compatible you are with each other and enable you bond over helping others.

6.Visit an amusement park.

This is a date that makes couples over 50 feel young again. This kind of date allows you and your partner to drop your inhibitions and act like kids again. Play games together as a couple, win stuffed creatures for one another and take a ride on the Ferris wheel, among other activities.

7.Opt for low-pressure dates

It is okay to want slow, easy, and intimate moments that don't need you to engage in physical exertion or travel. There are those moments you just want to share discussions than vivid experiences or rather things that give you time to just hang out. For example, have a picnic as you watch a sunrise or sunset.

7 Date Ideas for 50 plus Couples
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