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"Feels Like the First Time"

Seven years had passed. I still remember when we used to listen to Foreigner while we were cuddling in our room. My head could try to forget all of it, but everything in my own house reminded me of her. It’s hard to lose someone you love so much, especially when you know there’s no way you will ever see that person again in your life, and you’re a mature single over 50.

Mary was my wife. I met her at a Foreigner concert when I was just 15. When I saw her for the first time; I knew we were meant to be as one. She had that nice yet bold look on her face that made me want to meet her, and I asked her on a date immediately. I was such a hasty little boy. Now I’m just a widowed old man, and I believe I won’t ever get the chance to find love again. I mean, I’m 51 years old; I don’t want to go out to date mature women. That doesn’t sound like an idea would likely succeed.

My brother said I was just being too pessimistic; he helped me sign up on an online mature dating site, and while I was making my profile, I wrote everything that I thought that could be cool, without lying. Even if I’m a mature single man, I have a lot of features that could get to be interesting for the ladies. Obviously, Foreigner was in my profile. After not a couple of days or months, but just a few minutes, a mature woman said “hi” to me.

She liked Foreigner too, and was a very interesting and good-looking lady. But, I still didn’t want to date someone, I just chatted with her to pass the time. I seriously doubt that I will find love online. I don’t think I’d ever feel the same I did when I found Mary that day. Even so, I’ve been going to all of the Foreigner’s concerts in New York ever since. Tonight they’ll play at the Madison Square Garden. It’s going to be a really big event. I’m betting a lot of seniors will be there.

I took my favorite tee and my black jeans. I combed my long brown hair back and let it run down my shoulders. Some people say I should get a haircut; that I’m too old to be having that style, and I just laugh and ask them “how would I rock then? Have you seen Ozzy Osbourne with short hair?” It’s a part of me, and I can’t leave it just like that. Mary loved it, and I loved Mary.

When I got to the Madison Square Garden, I parked my Chevy 86, got out of my car and lit a cigarette. Mary would hate it if she saw me smoking, but I had been feeling so weak since she went away. I really wish I could love her again… or at least love again. Even my kids know I’m dealing with some heavy stuff in my life. I feel the distance has grown between us, just like my age has, and not just because they’re teenagers… I don’t know… I just want to love.

I walked through the door and saw a big sign with that long known name of the band that brought us together. It was a name that made me smile no matter what. Even their sad songs could get me all starry-eyed. It’s not as if I feel blue when I remember her. All memories I have of Mary are sweet and lovely, and that name was a huge part of it. But what made me sad was realizing that those beautiful things I remembered were all part of a now impossible situation. Like when you dream about something you just can’t have and you enjoy every single second of it, but then you wake up and feel sad, because that’s not the truth.

Geez… I’m sorry if I sound too miserable, I’m not usually like this. Where was I? Oh, yeah, the sign. I saw it and while I was smiling I heard a voice reading it aloud. It had a nice ring to it. I turned my head toward it and saw a lone blonde mature woman. She looked kind of familiar to me. She was wearing glasses and grinned when she noticed I was looking at her. I barely smiled and muttered an “evening ma’am”. She answered to my greetings and I went straight, not to say fled, to the concert area.

The stage was huge. Lights were already turned on and it was absolutely crowded. I was, however, used to it. Foreigner has a lot of fans here in New York, so it’s pretty common to find that many people. Seniors from all over the States come to these concerts.

Ok, I know you’re probably wondering what happened back there with the blonde, but I… ugh… I really can’t say much about it. Mary was a blonde too and had a lovely voice. There was something about this woman that got me interested. I can’t lie about it, but I’m not up for the idea of mature dating, I don’t think that’d work.

Anyway… I never buy VIP tickets, because I like to be in front of my favorite artists, and even if I did buy some just to meet and greet, I’d go down to the front of the stage, because that’s where the rock goes on.

They started playing and it was just as great as always. I danced and sang to many of their biggest hits and, while I was jumping and rocking with “Juke Box Hero”, I stumbled on someone’s shoulder. Because of my natural politeness, I thought I had to talk.

“I’m sorry,” I apologized.

“Oh, no problem, handsome,” I heard. “That’s part of the show.”

It was the same lady. At the moment, I felt as if I knew her even more. She was singing with lots of energy. I could feel the rock flowing through her and, suddenly, I felt capable of talking with her.

“You like that song, don’t you?” I said.

“Like? I love that song.”

When the song was over, they started playing the next one right away… I laughed and stretched my arm wanting to shake hands with her. I’m pretty sure she noticed I was behaving kind of clumsily and giggled. The mature woman shook my hand and said:

“Pleased to meet you.”

“The pleasure is all mine.” I answered with a confidence that came out of nowhere.

She grinned and I recognized her. She was the same woman I chatted with at the mature dating site my brother recommended. Right after we exchanged glances, the song, which I was pretty much ignoring up to that moment, gave me just the words I needed to describe that instant…

It feels like the first time

Feels like the very first time

It was Mary, it was Foreigner, it was the greatest sensation all over again, and it was the most unexpected thing in such a familiar space.

We talked a lot about the band, about love, about the dating site. About us being seniors… It was amazing and very fun to do. I felt young at heart.

“Would you go on a date with me?” I was brave enough to ask her when the concert was over.

“Oh, of course! Take my number, handsome. I hope you’re not married.” She said with a smile on her face.

“I’m not.”

It was love all over again, I’m sure Mary would be proud of me, especially because a few months later, we fell in love and moved together. It was all thanks to Foreigner and that online mature dating site. It certainly was just like the first time.

"Feels Like the First Time"
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