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Flirting Tips for Women Over 50

If you are newly single for the first time in years or you just aren’t getting the dates that you think you ought to, you might not have the best flirting skills. Remember that flirtation is a slow build. Have light, flirty conversations with the men around you only a daily basis to practice – your butcher, the mail man, even the cashier at a store. These are called “non-threatening” situations and they will help you develop.

Remember too that one of the best ways to flirt is so LISTEN to the person you are flirting with – he will notice that you are paying attention and will return in kind. Still, the number one clue for women over 50 who are trying to flirt is that you have to act naturally.

There are a few different types of flirting for you to engage in:

  • The light flirt: This is when you flirt with that sweet man who holds the door for you or someone who picks up something you may have dropped. Give him a small smile or touch his arm as a way of thanks. Don’t be suggestive, just say what comes naturally and be polite.

  • The “I like you” flirt: This one is a little more direct. If you see a man across the room that catches your attention, look directly at him and give him a smile. If he returns it, he’s interested. Once that occurs, let him know you are watching. Play with your hair, touch your face, and keep the smile on your face. Look away for a few minutes, and then look back. If he’s really into you, that should be all you need – he’ll come over soon.

  • The serious flirt: If you already know that you are interested in getting serious with him, you have to let him know. Listen to him when he’s talking, keep eye contact, lean into him when he talks, and maybe even touch his arm. The goal here is to set off the buzzers in his head that you are interested – and sometimes men need more than a subtle hint.

  • The couple flirt: Maybe you’re already in a relationship, but you aren’t sure how to flirt. Do so as a way to get ready for a romantic night out or a way to kick start the passion. Send him a loving note (or text), kiss him on his neck, or just give him a look from across the room – you never know what that could lead to later in the night.

How you really flirt when you are older depends on what you are looking for. There are times when flirting isn’t in your best interests, but you should know that by now – don’t flirt with your boss, someone you don’t really know, or your daughter’s boyfriend, for starters. Still, feel free to flirt with people who might seem unattainable – you never know what you’ll find.

Flirting Tips for Women Over 50
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