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How to Dealing with a Broken heart at 50

Breakups were hard in your twenties and it does not get easier in your 50s. Days and weeks after the loss of an ex and relationship take a toll on a person’s mental and physical health. According to scientists an extreme breakup case can physiologically be like withdrawing from an addiction. It sometimes feels like the pain will never stop but with the following tips, you can survive it.

Give yourself some time

After a breakup, getting lost in pampering yourself begins the healing process. Get a massage, manicure or pedicure, go on vacation with your besties, or Watch an interesting movie (not a romantic one though).

Don’t date on the rebound

Do not date just yet. Some people will advise you to date on the rebound but that will just lead to you making poor choices of men. You are too vulnerable to date right now, so wait until the inner work of healing is done. This could take a few months.
You do not want to rush and date the same person with a different face.

Don’t stop the tears from flowing

In the beginning you are bound to break down frequently. Don’t hold back and don’t stop the release. This type of loss can open past wounds and trust me letting the tears flow helps unload a lot of pain. After this you should let yourself meditate and vent it out for a limited amount of time and then move forward to other things. This helps you to suppress the negative and obsessive feelings that want to weigh you down.

Keep in touch with your spirituality

Seek God, or whichever Divine power you believe in, with all of your heart. This gives you a chance to find yourself and have a connect with your spirituality..
5. Do something outrageous and spontaneous.
Try something out of your comfort zone. Something if asked to do, your answer would probably be a No! For instance, dancing around your house in your birthday suit. Be spontaneous, and outrageous. Do it!

Draft a letter to your ex

After a breakup, it can be liberating to vent all your feelings and thoughts about the breakup on a piece of paper. It will clearly show you what the pros and cons of that relationship were and what did not work. But DON’T SEND IT! You could burn it as a healing ritual; surprisingly it works. Releasing your ex is a healthy step if you want to attract a healthy loving relationship.

Love yourself

A breakup can leave a huge dent in your self-esteem. Do not magnify your flaws instead magnify the positive attributes about yourself and give some love to those negative attributes. If you are beginning to second guess of your self-worth, then you need to seek assistance from a therapist. This is a perfect time to rebuild your confidence.


Now is the time to take a new path that you have always wanted to take. 50 is not too old to venture into a new business or project, even write a book you always wanted to write, or go to a yoga class. Create a vision board and place all kinds of descriptions of your new life.

Move on

You should not wallow in grief for too long. When you feel ready to get back on the horse, get yourself out there and meet new people. Grief coming after the loss of a relationship may take some few months don’t rush it.

How to Dealing with a Broken heart at 50
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