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How to Find the Perfect Match on 50Plus-Club.com

Too many people over 50’s feel it is too late to date again. 50Plus-Club.com wants to help you grab the courage to find that special person and start experiencing life again. Not only do they want you to experience the warmth a close relationship can bring but they encourage a service that believes in community, so whilst looking for partners you will almost definitely find long lasting friends.

How To Use 50Plus-Club.com

Simplicity is the key here, a short form to fill in order for them to send you a validation code, once you have checked your email (and junk folder) then you can continue onto a very wide-ranging platform. If you don’t complete your profile fully you won’t show up in anyone’s search results. This is great because it means you don’t have to deal with any time wasters who are not taking this seriously and also means that you get the all-important admin out of the way the minute you arrive. The questions are straight forward and tell mature people what you are about without having to go into too much detail, you can do that when you meet them. You will find where to complete your profile under My profile just work through the questions at your own pace you can always update and change information as new things happen to you.

50Plus-Club.com thankfully offers the service of becoming a Certified Member, you can also find this under the heading My Profile. It is a very quick and easy process which lets all the other members know that you are a ‘real’ person and this will undoubtedly increase your chances of people over 50s wanting to talk to you. It is a free service that you can do via your email, make sure you complete your profile with a current picture then email (or you can post) proof of identity. This can be your driving licence, passport etc. once they receive your document they will place a little badge on your picture marked certified. Also in this same menu, you can start your own Blog, this could be very exciting if you are a keen writer or journalist as you could find yourself with a small following gaining a little bit of notoriety. You have also been given a large space to add a gallery of photos and videos which can be viewed by your new 50Plus-Club.com community.


The benefits of becoming a Premium Member are vast, you can always see who has viewed your profile, get unlimited access so you can contact anyone and everyone can contact you. When you are in public chatrooms you are able to send private messages, your rate of contact requests goes up. Premium Members are always listed at the top and you can send multiple messages and you get to show off a shiny premium badge which will sit on your profile for all to see and there is so much more, well worth the look. On the menu bar, you will also find the ubiquitous Mailbox for you to use to receive member’s notifications as well as news from the admin staff of 50Plus-Club.com. Under Favourites, you’ll find who you like and who likes you, once you become a Premium Member then you will be able to see the type of matches 50Plus-Club.com’s logarithms have come up with using information from your profile so you'll be able to make a more intrinsic contact with those Favourites.

You can find new over 50 people and place them in your Friends menu and you will notice that over time people over fifty will want to get to know and send you out friend requests, these requests will show up here. The all-important Search tab lets you browse through the copious amounts of potential partners, you’ll see who is online, what’s new and it even has a Birthday List so you can keep track of your new friends special dates and celebrate accordingly. If you feel over a course of time that you are not getting enough response or no response at all, don’t panic, they have a wonderful help section you’ll find under the heading Service called ‘Tips and Tricks’, you’ll also find Help and Contacts and Dating Tips. Don’t give up because you haven’t received any attention, 50Plus-Club.com will help you through and guide you to success.


Other great places to meet men over 50, meet women over 50 are situated under the headings Groups, Forums and Chat. These are the fun tools provided by 50Plus-Club.com in order to make finding that special someone a relaxed experience in a non-intimidating environment. Your Groups listing will start to populate once you have frequented the Forums and sign up to discussions and communities within them. The Forums have an extensive list of topic and places to meet over 50 singles. These are all free to use and have subjects ranging from ‘Being new’ to online senior dating to ‘Pets and Animals’. You can talk to people over 50 from all over the world or you can find a group that is in your locality and even arrange meetings outside of the forum once you feel confident enough. There is some forum etiquette one must adhere to such as not posting personal information, not getting into online brawls or trying to advertise products in there but on the whole, they want you to post as much as possible, happy to see new over 50 singles and want you to have fun.

The Chat Room supplied by 50Plus-Club.com has been organised in respect of their audience, they know that mature people over 50s have a different criterion than that of young people and they cater for that adequately. Conversations are geared towards meaningful discussions in romance and relationships, friendship, family, culture, travel, music, economics, arts and that crazy adventure called life. You won’t find any teenage angst here and it is a free service as long as you have completed your profile.


An incredibly informative place to frequent is the Magazine tab. Well-written articles by multiple authors give insights into life at and beyond 50. The topics are not just about dating in your senior years (although these have a lot of salient tips to offer and shouldn’t be overlooked) but cover interesting subjects such as classical books, conquering mental health issues like depression, great places to travel and of course first date recipes for the domestic gourmet chef. In the comments under the articles, discussions can arise and it is a good platform for debate and an exchange of views and of course meeting new friends.


This is a well thought out service offered by 50Plus-Club.com and there is so much more to see when you become a Premium Member, you will have no choice but to make this part of your daily routine as it becomes familiar quite quickly. Every page has a help section so you can never get lost and will pick up prodigious tips to enhance your experience, not to mention the number of people you will meet will have you booked up for months. Go have a look and enjoy the fun.

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How to Find the Perfect Match on 50Plus-Club.com
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