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Finding that Special Acquaintance on DatingAgency.com

DatingAgency.com has to be one of the most all-inclusive websites for senior dating. You needn’t feel intimidated by the format it is a user-friendly agency that is inviting and full of fun to use. If you are looking for a long-term companion, the seniors dating agency allows you to join for free with dedicated support to help you. You can feel safe as all the profiles are checked, keeping you secure and all your personal details and all the communications you have with the service are kept private and confidential so you don’t have to feel like someone is looking over your shoulder. There are over 100,000 members already signed up so you won’t keep bumping into the same person unless you want to and if you are tech savvy or want to become so, they also provide a very convenient mobile dating application to accompany your online profile. Imagine the convenience of being able to keep up-to-date with your personal communications on the go?

How To Use DatingAgency.com

These guys at DatingAgency.com don’t mess around and after clicking the join now button you are immediately asked for your name, email and date of birth and this leads you to the section that enables you to start filling in your online profile instantly. This is quite a refreshing approach, as you get to understand how your profile works instantly and start to become familiar with the tools that can help you make those all-important connections. You are first asked to upload a picture of yourself, you do have the option to skip this but you will find later on that other tools are restricted if you don't have a profile picture in place. Try to make the picture as current as possible; your date doesn’t want to be surprised when you eventually meet. Also, they can tell if you have uploaded a fake picture lifted from another website, they are quite scrupulous and will email you rejecting the photo. This goes to show how meticulous and safeguarding they insist on being, so you can be assured when you choose a date you are getting the real deal. Later on you can also sign up with your Facebook account and they assure you that your private information on Facebook will not be opened at any point to login and without your permission they cannot post anything to your wall.


As you go through the questions you will find them quite affable and far from intrusive, easy to get through with a very engaging layout and design. As you advance there is a little progression wheel on the upper left-hand corner of the screen which tells you how close you are to completing your profile. If you haven’t verified your email yet - as by now you should have received a verification email in your personal inbox, also check your junk mail just in case - then this last screen will ask you to do so before you proceed any further. You just click the link in the email you receive and the verification is complete, you may also notice that once your profile goes live, people will want to start introducing themselves to you quite quickly. The members are very friendly and welcoming which makes the overall experience of this platform very pleasurable and incredibly difficult to leave.

DatingAgency.com-Verify Account

Once you get onto your home screen you will see a hive of activity erupting before your eyes. Don’t be daunted you are merely being introduced to who is online and what the other member's recent activities are. This includes diary posts, what new members have signed onto the service recently and some further instructions on how to complete your profile fully. These instructions are to the right of the screen and pop up as small boxes into the centre of the screen for quick access. You will be asked to answer more personal questions to find out a little bit more about what makes you tick. Once answered, they are sent off for approval and shall show up in your DatingAgency.com email as approved, and then on your profile as soon as this is done. You can also find further questions under the Profile menu at the top of the screen on the menu bar.

The menu bar at the top of the page is pretty self-explanatory but here are some of the finer points to help you navigate quicker. Home just returns you to the screen you first saw after signing in or the 'landing page'. Search allows you to search for members, lets you see who else is online and offers recommendations. The Profile menu not only tells potential partners about yourself and your interests but you can fill in a questionnaire which helps define the match logarithms which will helpfully customise best matches for your profile cutting down having to search for hours. You can upload a number of photos as well onto your profile to give more texture to your biography; there is also a diary tool which we'll come to later. The inbox is where you will find all your communications with DatingAgency.com as well as potential love interests and this is a free service. Encounters, gets the ball rolling and is a lot of fun, here you can tell DatingAgency.com who you would like to meet and they'll tell you if the person is a happy reciprocate. Yes, you have to be brave but you can do it, you’ve already come this far. As for Favourites if you find someone you like during your searches just click on the heart and they will be added here and onto your Home screen for quick access.


You are also offered a new service where you can send an introductory message to members nearby you. If you haven’t finished your profile, a box will pop up and ask you for your location, you just enter your postcode and those handy logarithms do their work and find suitable matches. You will also have the advantage of Upgrading your membership if you want to keep in touch with new found friends and potential partners but with the added extra of full member benefits. These exciting benefits include sending gifts online to other people and also receiving the chance to write your own dating diary entry. With the full membership, you unlock other tools on your menu bar such as ‘Who viewed me’ so the picture becomes un-blurred and you can see the people who have shown an interest in you profile. You also can buy credits this can buy you some advertising space or a Spotlight position and you then get to put your picture on every page appearing to everyone. With credits, you can also purchase SMS Love Alerts, Personality reports and other fun packed tools that will make your time on the senior dating agency over 50 even more exciting.

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Finding that Special Acquaintance on DatingAgency.com
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