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Finding that Perfect Match.com

Match.com is a very slick website which has given considerable thought to the aesthetics and the comfort a person feels when they have to expose themselves to complete strangers. This is one of the best dating sites on the internet and caters for all ages. Once you are in your account you can begin to start working out who your ideal partner will be, it has meticulous search engines to help you and plenty of tools and menus to discover. The community can be found in the events and campaigns they encompass as well as the blogging page of which you are welcome to apply to. So making friends will be easy and finding the perfect match won’t be too far behind.

How To Use Match.com


As you go through the beginning questions you can see that they are a very professional service and the questions are useful which builds a gentle picture of your character. At the end of the first series of questions, you are asked to upload a picture of yourself which is good to establish rather than put off and possibly forget. The questions range from personal to quite general about your partner. Then move onto your hobbies and sporting pursuits. Probably always best to be honest even if you are tempted into saying you go skiing every weekend. Once you have finished with the questions you are taken to your Home screen. It is important to watch your personal email for the confirmation code they send you, if you don’t bother to answer within half an hour, they’ll close your account, and these guys aren’t messing around.

Match.com-Get Started

Your Home screen is very different from the question screens and has a lot of activity on it. In your Inbox, you shall receive a nice welcome message which helps you navigate around your new account. You can’t actually send or receive any mail unless you are subscribed to the service but you still can access a lot of tools regardless. On the menu bar is the best place to adventure, it shows you how many people have viewed your profile but unless you subscribe you can’t actually see who they are. This also goes for Winks and Favourites but what better enticement than to watch the ever increasing numbers of admirers gather on your screen? How can you not be curious and eventually Subscribe? The shuffle button is good fun produces a stream of potential partners and all you have to do is decide whether they are attractive to you or not if you don’t like them they’ll never know but if you do, it will show up on their screen. Remember to finish filling out your profile, you’ll see in the top right-hand corner how much progression you have made and there are a LOT of questions to get through but they are interesting and does make you think about the sort of partner you are looking for.


With the Online menu option, you can see who is ready to have a chat right now; you can also have the option of being put in the Spotlight which increases your chances of being seen. Your Search bar is very graphic but can completely cut out the members you are not interested in and narrow down to your tastes quite quickly. The Affinity tab is a match testing tool which is free, you’ll receive a personality report and the result is to hopefully find singles that match you. Under Match.com Dating Advice, with the very catchy tag line #loveyourimperfections, you will find a page full of stories, dating tips and general advice on how the dating world is for real people. The articles range from ‘Overcoming trust issues’ to ‘Perfect date ideas for summer’ and if they tickle your interest and you feel the need to comment you can comment below each article. You can also apply to be one of their bloggers if you feel the urge to stand on a soap box and dole out some experienced advice. You will also find in there dating guidelines, events, their campaigns and a trial subscription if you feel the need to try before you buy. The boost button does just that when your photo has stopped being moderated and becomes approved you can buy a boost and get your profile noticed by even more people.

Match.com-3 Good Reasons to Attend an Event

A very exciting part of finding the right person for you is having fun whilst you are doing it. This shouldn’t have to feel like a chore and Match.com certainly know how to party. Match.com invites members they have chosen to their events and they feel it is a great selection. If you are a member you get to invite three single friends to their event nights and they don’t actually have to have any membership. Match.com hold events all the way through the year across the whole of the UK so if you miss one they’ll be another one along shortly. The venues are varied and classy and the events range from Salsa nights to Masquerade balls. It isn’t all parties though you can meet with like-minded people in bars or a bit of speed dating with tasty food. Whatever you like to do Match.com has pretty much got it covered. Sign up for a subscription today and tomorrow you could be booking your tickets to the Cyclades islands!

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Finding that Perfect Match.com
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