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How to Find a Partner on OurTime.com

OurTime.com is not only an aesthetically pleasing platform that has an informative friendly user interface but the communications are gentle and flow easily without being patronising or treating you as if you are some sort of desperate cause. This platform certainly emanates from a vibrant ethos that doesn’t focus on 50 plus being a time to slow down in life but to encourage vitality, adventure and rediscovering the true self. You don’t have to necessarily be over 50 to sign up for this service but it is geared for a more senior clientele.

How To Use OurTime.com

OurTime.com is a very simple senior dating website that doesn’t over complicate. OurTime dating login takes less than a minute to complete and you just need your personal email address to get started, they will then send you an activation email you need to activate it in order to access any of the areas on the senior date site. After a few establishing questions you will then be asked to upload a photograph, which you could either upload from your Facebook account or you can use one from your computer. It is quite evident that profiles with pictures get 10 times more attention than those without, it adds an honesty to your profile and an air of confidence which people will find attractive so remember to keep it current. Be warned without a profile picture you just remain invisible to everyone making your chances of finding love, well, zero. If you decide to upload from Facebook this will then connect both your OurTime.com account and your Facebook account but they will not post anything to your Facebook wall without your permission.


You will then move on to a screen that asks for you to set up a simple biography, don’t worry you can always change it at a later date. With your biography keep it upbeat and all about what you enjoy and what makes you happy. You should first construct a copy of this on Word or any other word-processing application, this will ensure that your grammar is correct and you have no spelling mistakes then you can just simply cut and paste into the box on the screen. Don’t make it too long there will be plenty of future questions to complete so your potential match can get to know you more intrinsically. You will also be asked to subscribe but there are plenty of free tools you can use on this platform until you decide how much you want to commit to it. Having said that a full subscription does unlock a wealth of tools such as messaging, online chat and the ability to see who has favoured you and with the 6-month Best Value Plan it will still be cheaper than frequenting bars every night!


Your home screen is easy to navigate and self-explanatory. You will be notified via your own personal email when activities occur on your account but you shall also see them highlighted here on your home screen and within your onscreen Inbox. On the column to the right, you will see a place to edit and complete your profile, this is an important part of the process as this information is what supports the logarithms in finding your matches. Don’t be too bemused by the term logarithm it is just some mathematical formulae that work out your best matches using the information that it is given which in this case would be your profile data. Answering these questions also gives you a chance to think about how you want to promote yourself and the kind of person you are looking to meet. As you work your way through the sections you will notice the profile complete percentage increase until it becomes 100% and then you know you are ready to start looking for your matches.

The sections are short but detailed enough to portray enough of your individuality from general questions in the About You section which mainly deals with questions relating to your height, hair colour and political affiliation to Personality Questions which helps define your personality through the activities you enjoy. A truly wonderful section is the Message Ideas this helps you learn more about the people who contact you. You can choose up to four already premeditated questions which can be answered by people who are interested in messaging you. Not only a great icebreaker but it adds more depth to a first encounter and can help you instantly decide if they are the right person for you. One of the questions which will open up any conversation and give you an in-depth understanding of a person’s essence is “Describe four of your main goals in life”, this alone could have you both talking for hours.

Another key section is the Matches section, which you can see on the top bar of the page and is also connected to Search profiles at the bottom of the left-hand side bar. This is where you are presented with a selection of members and you can choose if you would like to talk to them or not or save their profile to look at later on. With Tokens you can purchase premium features which will enable you to promote your profile even more publicly, you can receive notifications of when members you are interested in are online or even send Virtual Gifts and at $9.99 for 250 tokens what have you got to lose?

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With the mobile application you can use OurTime.com on-the-go, so you don’t have to wait until you finish work to see if that special someone has replied or if you have received a virtual gift. It is simple to download through Google Play or the App Store and is at the brilliant price of free.

With the mobile application, you can use OurTime.com on-the-go, so you don’t have to wait until you finish work to see if that special someone has replied or if you have received a virtual gift. It is simple to download through Google Play or the App Store and is at the brilliant price of free.

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OurTime.com also offers some salient advice for meeting other members outside of the senior dating website; always meet in a public place. Tell a friend where you are going to be and maybe ask them to give you a call after an hour just to make sure you are fine, which is an age-old escape route if you are feeling uncomfortable with the date and need a polite way to excuse yourself and leave. Try not to drink too much, it is good to keep control on a first meeting. A very good idea is to take your own transport on the first date, your own car, a friend dropping you off or a taxi. If things aren’t turning our well then you are not dependent on your date to take you on an awkward drive home. Now with all these lovely guidelines in place, it will be difficult not to have a good experience on OurTime.com, happy dating!

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How to Find a Partner on OurTime.com
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