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Finding Romance on SeniorMatch.com

SeniorMatch.com is a senior dating site that encourages people to explore more than just each other but positively elicits geographical exploration for love as well. Of course it is a massive step if you have been on your own for a long time or if you have been let down by senior online dating in the past it can be hard to muster up the courage to ‘put yourself out there’ again but SeniorMatch.com is one of the most trustworthy and comprehensive sites for seniors at the moment. You needn’t fear even if you are a technophobe and find the internet a bit baffling at times , using this senior dating sites reviews will not be daunting for you and it has a straightforward easy to use account and profile page that will have you chatting with new friends for hours and excited to engross yourself in the search for love again.

How To Use SeniorMatch.com

The format is relatively simple; you need to either use your Facebook login or have the option to sign up with just your personal email address if you prefer to keep your accounts separate. If you do decide to sign up with your Facebook account, you will find that a permission is needed and a screen shall pop up, once permitted an application from SeniorMatch.com shall be placed in your Facebook settings but they cannot post anything to your page without your permission. If you have used Facebook option to sign up just fill in the rest of the details omitted from the registration form, tick the obligatory Service Agreement and Private Policy and you’ll be taken to your account page. Don’t worry about any hidden fees the account you sign up to initially is free of charge but if you want to upgrade to their Premium account you can do so at any time.


So now that you have registered you shall be taken to a search page, you can start searching immediately just to have a nosey at what kind of people are out there or you can fill in your profile details. Filling in your profile fully is an advisable course of action as you will become more familiar with your profile page and people will get to know you instantly. It is a proven fact that you will get more views if you have an image of yourself on your profile, try to make it up-to-date and as honest as possible. Just remember if you find your heart’s desire they are going to want to eventually meet you and it could spell disaster if you’ve lied about how you look.

The profile editing page mostly goes through a list of questions asking you what you want from a partner and what you want a partner to perceive about you. Once again honesty is the best way to approach this. The questions aren’t too revealing and enable matching logarithms to narrow down a more exact match to your tastes. The more refined your preferences the more chance it has to work out who would be best suited for you. Work your way steadily through the menu consisting of Appearance, Background, Lifestyle and a cute section at the end called Others which deals with the nature of your presence on this platform be it friendship, dating, long term, star sign or the distance you’d travel for new found love. Take your time, you’ll find that you’ll learn a little bit about yourself as well as what you really want from this senior dating site and of course an ideal partner.


An important section is - and as it is a free service well worth undertaking - Verifications. It is a section that helps make sure people are who they say they are. This may feel like a tedious process but imagine how safe it keeps you from fraudulent people claiming to be something that they are not, no one enjoys timewasters and once finished you will be deemed instantly trustworthy because you will be able to display a photo stamped verified. Now you see how the process works you can also trust the images looking back at you from your searches have been thoroughly vetted as they also possess this stamp. See why the necessity to be honest in your initial photo on your profile page was needed? What you need to do now is upload a legible copy of one of your ID’s such as a Driver's License or Passport, (you can also do this by email or fax as well). Then take a picture of yourself holding up a piece of paper with SeniorMatch.com and the username you used to register on the senior site. You can see a demonstration in the picture and that’s it. You send this off to them via a few clicks at the bottom of the page and they do the rest!

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Along the top of the screen, you will see a menu bar that contains all the different kinds of activities you can do on your new dating platform. Just put the cursor on the list and a further menu shall drop down revealing a number of other functions your profile page can give you. These are all straightforward and considerably explanatory so you will become accustomed quite quickly and become a master of your page. My Account is the page you first come to when you land on the site. The Searches menu is how you find partners or friends, you can be superficial to save time or more intrinsic with Advanced Searches as your confidence begins to grow. My Lists are mainly about the actions that have occurred whilst you have been away, which you will receive notifications in the email address you initially signed up with. You'll also get messages in your SeniorMatch.com Inbox that will tell you of the activities other users share with you such as Emails, Winks and Messages. The Community menu is where you will find Blogs, Forums and other members to engage with and become familiar. Profile deals with all your profile needs and is where you can edit what can be seen by other members. Your, My Settings menu is where your private email and privacy settings can be found.

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So enjoy the choice of thousands of mature likeminded people in London on this exciting and fun filled platform. where you can potentially enjoy meeting activity friends, partners you can travel with or very possibly your soulmate. Please keep yourself safe but most of all have fun!

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Finding Romance on SeniorMatch.com
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