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Making Friends and Finding Love on SeniorPeopleMeet.com

SeniorPeopleMeet.com is a part of the OurTime Network, if you are not familiar with them, then signing up for this service will introduce you to their vast network of dating services. With this network, you can just use one username and password and get the benefit of multiple websites. This, of course, increases your chance of finding a suitable partner or generating friendships in a large community. No longer do you have to keep going to bars or loitering in art galleries searching for a chance meeting, now you can have an assured safe place to get to know someone and if all goes well you shall be wining and dining in no time!

How To Use SeniorPeopleMeet.com

As you work your way through the first five initial questions you will soon realise just how easy this service is to use. You will be asked for a photo and it is probably best just to upload one now as your profile is restricted if you don’t have one. You will come to your Home Screen and be privy to a menu bar with drop down options. Your Inbox is the place you will receive all the notifications about your interactions on the senior website. This could be messages from SeniorMeetPeople.com or winks from avid strangers. Your Favourites will show up here as well as your Flirts and Likes and Comments. This isn’t a free service and just like a few other tools on this platform will be restricted until you acquire a full Membership. The Memberships are very reasonable and there is usually a promotion run so the prices can be exceptionally good for first-time users and of course, it will be worth it just to be able to use the service in the way it was intended. You still get to enjoy the service as a free user so you needn’t worry if you can’t afford to splurge just yet.

SeniorPeopleMeet.com-Upload Photos

Using the Search menu is always fun, you can see who has viewed you, you can see who is online now, search for people using their username or you can fine tune your results by using the keyword application. The Matches menu has a little game titled ‘I’m interested’, this is where you browse through a series of pictured profiles and decide if you are interested in the member or not. A simple tap of the buttons labelled yes or no and they are either transported out of your life forever or placed in amongst your favourites and don’t worry they can’t see what you are doing or are ever informed of your decision.


The Tokens section is the place to go to if you want to buy some add-on applications for your account. These include Promote me which is pretty self-explanatory, use this to put yourself top of search results which will, of course, attract more people to your profile and get you more attention and hopefully dates. You will need 20 tokens and this will buy you one hour of activity, apparently, this level of exposure is equivalent to a day. You can send Virtual Gifts which is a cute way to let someone you are attracted to know that you are thinking of them. The Notify Me app will inform you when that person you are attracted to is online so you can send them a message and invite them to have a virtual date. The tokens cost $0.99 for 25, $3.99 for 110 and the best value by far is the $9.99 for 280.

SeniorPeopleMeet.com-Message Ideas

Once you arrive at Settings the best place to start is with your profile. This isn’t too technical and only covers one page but the detail in the questions are really well thought out. It is imperative that you answer all the questions and complete your profile fully if you want to have any chance of being found by members. Then you need to have enough information or it will be as if you were invisible rendering the point of you being here quite futile. So many other sections of SeniorPeopleMeet.com rely on this information such as their matching logarithms and most of the tools used by the other members that you won’t get the full experience if you decide to not bother. Also under Settings is My account this is where you can adjust preferences and update email addresses. There are much more places to find and things to do including Dating Articles and Success Stories, just take a look on your Home screen.

SeniorPeopleMeet.com-Good Advice

SeniorPeopleMeet.com is a professional service that cares greatly about their members and how to keep safe whilst using their platform. They have plenty of help topics and the ability to ask questions via email if there is something they haven’t covered on the senior people website. They give great advice about how to keep safe including, protect your online access information, remain anonymous until you feel comfortable. It is just good sense to use a third-party, anonymous email address. There is no rush, so get to know the other person online before meeting them offline. It is a good suggestion to avoid people who don't give you straight answers, what have they got to hide? You should never be exposed to any form of abuse online if so, simply block abusive users. Trust your instincts you’ve gotten this far because of them. Happy dating!

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Making Friends and Finding Love on SeniorPeopleMeet.com
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