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How to Meet and Greet on SeniorsMeet.com

You are never too old to start forming new friendships and venturing back into the arena of love. SeniorsMeet.com wants to help you with this sometimes scary journey and make your re-entry back into the online dating world as fun and as carefree as possible. With a safe platform and plenty of tools to keep you occupied for hours, it will be difficult for you not to make any acquaintances here. Check daily to find new members that have joined and read the success stories. With a little patience and perseverance, you will soon master how to make the best of your profile and be dating confidently and probably have a success story all of your own.

How To Use SeniorsMeet.com

There are just five short questions that lead you to your new account, these are personal questions such as where you live and your date of birth. Once you have typed in your email you will be sent a welcome message introducing you to SeniorsMeet.com. You might notice a pop up screen informing you that it recognises your email address, if you have already signed up to OurTime.com, which is part of the OurTime Network, you can log in with your OurTime.com username and password, which can leave out the Seniors Meet sign in process and save you a bit of time. If you haven’t then it isn’t a problem, you can just start a new profile and you are automatically enrolled into the OurTime network regardless. You will next be led onto a succession of screens asking you to write a small biography about yourself, to add photos or if you want to subscribe straight away, don’t worry you can skip this section and have a look at the senior citizen dating website before you commit to anything.

SeniorMeet.com-Upload Photo

Once you have passed this first stage you will then find yourself on your home screen. Here is where you can start getting to know your account and all the different tools you have and which ones you enjoy the most. The best place to go to is your My Profile page which you will find under Settings. If you don’t fill this in quickly then you will be missing out being found through other people’s searches and your profile may as well be invisible. A photo is, of course, the most important part of your profile because it gives people an instant level of trust if they can see the real you.

You can either upload your picture from your computer, try to make it as current as possible, or you can upload it from Facebook. This will then trigger an instant connection with your Facebook account but don’t be alarmed, they will in no way send anything to your Facebook wall. Once you have done this then you can start to fill out the questions, they aren’t too many and are integral for finding you the right matches. Logarithms which is the form used to find your matches will have nothing to work with if you leave your profile blank. The questions aren’t intrusive and it only takes a few minutes to complete.

SeniorMeet.com-Personality Questions

Now the admin is out of the way you can begin exploring the rest of the senior date website. At this point, it would be fair to say that you will be at more of an advantage if you upgraded to full membership. You can do searches and use a few of the tools on this senior people dating site for free but you won’t be able to message or chat to anyone or see who has viewed, favoured you, flirted or even liked your photos. Membership is extremely reasonable and they always seem to have a sale on offering incredible bargains for first-time users. Most of the menu is pretty straight forward and even if you have never explored a online dating site before just clicking through the menu tabs will help you become more familiar with your account.


On your home screen, you will have a list of updates informing you of what’s new since you have been offline. You’ll have Reminders which is an active ‘to do’ list informing you of members you should contact or recent flirts and saves you did. My Community Updates tell you what is happening with people you have been talking to, if they have updated their profile or put up a new picture, you’ll get the news here.

There will be a small column for Success Stories which is always worth the read, it reassures you that the service works and it is always nice to read about people falling in love. You will also see a section titled Dating Articles, there are around five articles that give beneficial tips for newbies to the senior online dating site and also include a few stories to make you laugh.

SeniorMeet.com-Keyword Search

Probably the second most important tool (your profile being the first) is the search tool. This is where you can fine tune the exact type of person you are most attracted to with the Keywords that fit your particular interests. This means you can narrow down the vast number of members to find people you have much more in common with. You can also experiment and move out of your comfort zone who knows maybe someone completely opposite will be the one.

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How to Meet and Greet on SeniorsMeet.com
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