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Pros and Cons - Real Life vs. Online Dating

Finding love over a certain age can be really difficult, especially in the real world where it feels like everyone has someone. When it comes to online dating vs. real life dating, you have to be careful both places. Dating online can have quite a few problems, but so can dating in real life. If you haven’t had a lot of success dating in real life, then going online is the next logical step.

Whether you are creating an internet dating profile to find marriage or just someone to spend some time with, you have to be able to grow and nurture your relationship. Keeping up communication and openness will help you in any relationship, real life or online.

Still, you have to figure out if online dating is something that you want. You have to look at the pros and cons of online dating.

Online Dating Pros and Cons

Pro: Over 40 million people have tried online dating.

Con: There are a lot of accounts that have been abandoned as people found success.

Pro: Many successful relationships have started online – many more than there has ever been before.

Con: People do tend to misrepresent themselves on platforms – they claim they are younger, thinner, taller, or better off than they actually are.

Pro: You are given the opportunity to meet people who are outside of the social circle that you normally inhabit. This will allow you to meet more people.

Con: Some people never want to actually meet in real life.

Pro: You can access a large dating pool 24-hours a day.

Con: You have to stay organized to remember everything.

Pro: You get a “digest” on a daily basis of potential matches.

Con: If you aren’t in someone’s “ideal” categories, they may never see you.

Offline Dating

Pro: You know people who know this person, so you will be able to ask around and feel more comfortable.

Con: You might not always know if someone is open for a relationship.

Pro: You can find out if you have that special spark with someone a lot sooner.

Con: Your dating pool is extremely limited to the people you encounter.

Pro: You know immediately what that person looks like, sounds like, smells like, etc.

Con: You are too shy to go up to someone and introduce yourself.

Pro: Dating sites sometimes have special events to meet people.

Con: You don’t always know what kind of relationship someone in interested in.

At the end of the day, if you are serious about finding that person you want to spend time with, you should employ a combination of online dating and real life dating. Remember that the goal of meeting someone online, especially when you are older, is to take your relationship to a real life platform eventually.

Pros and Cons - Real Life vs. Online Dating
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