50Plus-Club.com Reviews

author Sonmor
50 Plus Club may be costly but members get what they pay for in terms of features and online dating tools. It can be a good start if you really want to find your partner online. There may be limited features available for free members, it doesn’t compromise the experience and the thrill of the mystery of finding your future partner in the online world.


Another leading dating site over 50 is 50Plus-Club.com, which has received pretty good feedbacks from users around the world. Singles over 50 are catered to in this over fifty dating site, as it helps both men and women over 50 find their partners in life through connections and communication. So far, it has received good comments for its interactive design and layout as well as its effective messaging tools that draw more and more over 50s singles into it. So far, 50 Plus Club has been the most active dating community with 550,000 members in it.

50 Plus Club has been one of the leading choices of over 50 singles looking for a respectable and sophisticated online dating site for over 50 where they can be real and still get accepted by people. With 50Plus-Club.com, seniors are safe and secured that they are on the right place to open up and express themselves.


The costs are pretty high but overall, when compared to the features it offers, it is a good enough venue to start online dating for over 50s. Aside from the basic messaging and flirting tools, 50 Plus Club offers more interesting features that seniors may enjoy during their free time. A plus point for 50Plus-Club.com is the 10MB-limit it accepts for photos and videos uploaded per profile. Other websites only offer about 5MB, which is very limiting especially when you want to establish how you look on your profile. With 10MB, you have more space to accommodate for your multimedia.

Unique Features

Aside from the basic e-mail features, here are the following unique features, which you can access should you go pay for a month’s subscription:

  1. Senior Chatroom. There is private messaging, and there is also a place for group messaging. It is interesting that 50 Plus Club encourages seniors over 50 to engage in healthy conversations about life, family, friendship, romance, culture, music, politics, economy or anything under the sun that interests them. This only shows that 50 Plus Club is more than just a dating site but more of a meeting place where seniors over 50s can find people who share the same interests as them. This gives seniors the chance to rekindle their passion despite their age.
  2. Forums/Discussions. Aside from the chatroom where conversations happen real-time, forums and discussions allow single seniors to also talk about their interests and throw in their opinions on topics that matter.
  3. Local Groups. This is where singles over 50s who want to mingle with other singles over 50 hang out. What’s good about the local groups is that you are filtered per location, so most of the over 50s singles you will be meeting her are from the same neighborhood. After hitting up on them on 50 Plus Club, it will be easier for you to communicate face-to-face, just like the old times.
  4. 50Plus-Club Magazine. This is an updated electronic magazine available to premium members, where you can read about the latest news and information on dating, food, health and lifestyle, travel and anything that is relevant to the senior community. This encourages seniors to read more and get acquainted with what’s happening in the community.


This singles over 50 dating site offers basic features to free members like creating a profile, receiving messages, visiting other members’ profiles and using the basic search tools. As a basic member, you can still get in touch with those who are on subscription. You can also respond to incoming messages or initiate a conversation by sending a “smile.” You can also participate in forums and discussions.

However, 50 Plus Club offers more advanced features to members who pay for monthly subscriptions. These costs may be too much for some whose intention is to just try and meet new people but for those seniors who take dating sites over 50 seriously and see it as the stepping stone towards meeting the man and woman of their lives, no amount is too much. For as long as they are satisfied with how 50Plus-Club.com handles their online dating experience, the price is all worth it.

Here are the costs for the monthly subscriptions:

  1. 12 months: $154.80 (equivalent to $12.90 per month)
  2. 6 months: $89.40 (equivalent to $14.90 per month)
  3. 3 months: $59.70 (equivalent to $19.90 per month)
  4. 1 month: $24.90

Signing Up

Just like any other 50 dating site, all experience in 50 Plus Club zeroes in on creating an account and signing up. It starts with putting in an email address and choosing a username. You have to activate your account through the link sent to you by 50 Plus Club. Once activated, you can already start creating your profile, putting in as many information you want others to know about you. This includes stating your name, your location and zip code, your gender and marital status. You can also upload a photo that will represent you so that other members will get a glimpse of the person they are chatting with.

Design and Layout

50-Plus-Club Magazine has a clean and organized layout, with not too much tabs crowding on the main page. Its important sections are organized side by side on the tabs on top, which is easy for the seniors to see once they log into their profile. There are no useless buttons or tabs that may confuse the senior members.


This over 50s dating website puts high consideration on confidentiality of the details of the members. Active users of the dating site 50 and over are satisfied about how 50 Plus Club keeps information revealed by members as they exchange profiles with other users. It has a monitoring body from its Customer Support team to secure all details and to provide assistance should clients have concerns and questions.


The main disadvantage of participating in 50Plus-Club.com’s online dating for over 50 is the cost. Three to six months of subscription is too much for people who just want to try it for fun. This is why most experts recommend going into such online 50 and over dating platforms if they are determined enough to pay just to find potential partners online. However, those who are serious would not mind shelling out money. In fact, data shows that members have been so satisfied with 50Plus-Club.com’s features that they keep on renewing their subscription due to its effective dating tools.