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For its price and features, Dating For Seniors could actually be a good pick when looking for a dating platform for 45 years old and above. Its interesting features are a major come on so even if these can only be accessed through paid subscription, members will have no regrets as they add up to the spice of their online dating journeys.

Overview is listed among the top 10 senior dating sites. It targets senior citizens aged 45 and above, those who are still looking for somebody to spend the rest of their growing old years. However, the site requires users to be 18 years of age before they can create an account. It aims to provide a venue for seniors to find new friends and potential partners through effective instant communication tools presented in the dating platform. Currently, there are around 15,000 active users participating in the senior dating site but most of its market come from the US.

What attracts seniors towards this online dating site are the unique features like Rapid Match and Little Black Book which allow them to personalize and take control of their dating activities. Rapid Match, for example, gives them higher chances of finding people they are compatible with. Through the years, has always kept members and dating enthusiasts looking forward to their new innovations.


Basically, Dating For Seniors is just like any other internet dating for seniors intended for the oldies who want to mingle with other people their age. It has instant messaging tools like email and chat, too. What makes it more interesting, though, is that it has unique features to further improve communication and tighten connections among members.

The quick search tool, which Dating For Seniors made available for both free and premium members, can find matches through the basic criteria such as age, gender preference and location. It is a good point, though, that premium members have a more advanced search tool, given more diverse criteria like interests, ethnicity, physical appearance and habits. Premium members can also search through username, photos and online status.

Unique Features

Here are some of the most loved features of the online dating for senior citizens:

  1. Messaging Tools. You may send an email, a “flirt,” or an instant chat message to other members. Dating For Seniors provides an avenue for all members to mingle with each other through the public chat room but most of the time, members prefer private messaging than group chats. There are also forums and discussions that encourage members to speak up and express their thoughts.
  2. Rapid Match. This feature makes it easier to connect senior people who might be compatible or might be interested to go on a date with one another. If you use this feature, you get to look at other members’ profile photos and see if you want to meet them out on a date. You get to choose between “yes,” “no,” and “maybe.” If you choose “yes,” that specific member gets notified and if they also answer yes, then it’s a match.
  3. Little Black Book. Little Black Book allows you to select members whose private photos you’d want to see. These photos are private and can be seen only be selected people given consent by the specific member. This feature allows you to keep track of their private photos so you won’t miss one when they upload.
  4. Invisible Mode. This one feature really favors those members who want to secretly lurk on profiles of other members but choose not to be seen. If you are still pondering on whether you want to send a “flirt” to this person, you might want to be on invisible mode so you don’t get caught that you are stalking a member’s page.


Free Membership

Dating For Seniors offers free senior dating services to its user. The downside of this, though, is that the features it offers under the free membership are limited. As a standard member, you are allowed to create a profile and write a quick description about themselves to establish their identity. You can also upload photos and use the quick search option to find matches. You can also receive IM invitations and messages but you cannot send direct messages to other members. You can send virtual kisses, too, to show your interest on prospects. However, you can’t browse more of the site given your free member status. You can’t directly communicate through’s messaging tools and you have no access to matchmaking tools.

Premium Membership

  1. 3 days trial: $7.95
  2. 1 month: $29.95
  3. 3 months: $39.95 (equivalent to $13.32 per month)

If you want to try all what Dating For Seniors has to offer but are still not interested at paying a month’s worth of subscription, you may try the 3-day trial that costs $7.95. You get to access all its features, make use of all its messaging and flirting tools for up to three days. However, there’s been quite a buzz on some technicality problems when creating an account on the site. Some online users have complained about problems on logging on. This seems to be a minor problem, though, as many still continue to do their dating games in this website.

Signing Up

Just like any other online senior dating sites, Dating For Seniors requires an email address and a username to all those interested to participate in its online dating platform. Once done creating your profile, you are redirected to a page where you get to fill in some necessary information such as location, gender, age, marital status, hobbies, physical appearance, occupation, personality and likes and dislikes. This will give others an idea of what to expect should they send you a message or a virtual kiss.

You can upload photos, yes, but Dating For Senior limits the size of the photo to just 5MB, which may not be that good considering that most images shot with a good digital camera exceeds 5MB in size. Members on free subscription or trial can still visit and view other members’ profile and photos.


It is an advantage to Dating For Seniors members that the site’s customer support is available 24/7, both on its hotline and on its chat support. The Customer Service team has been prompt in attending to their clients’ concerns and feedback.


There are times when public chatrooms and forums are inactive. The dating site can think of other creative ways to encourage them to participate more in the circle. Technical problems like site crash and logging in concerns can still be improved also.