EliteSingles.com Reviews

author Sonmor

Elite Singles is a great option for middle aged dating, also priding itself on having a clientele of professionals and established individuals. I personally, think that at my age we have spent most of our lives with either the wrong person or people who don’t quite have their lives in order, this site seems like the golden opportunity to miss all the same mistakes of dating all the wrong people. Now don’t get me wrong on this, Elite Singles isn’t a site for any sort of mega rich folks seeking sugar babies or visa versa, these are actually real in touch people who have been working their lives in honest professions from the users I’ve interacted with. When using the mobile app, keep in mind that these are people who are on the go living their lives, which is why there is less features on the app.

I asked a nice lady, whom well call Jan, how was her experience with the site so far. She was very polite and told me she had had great luck dating, not quite finding a husband which is her ultimate goal, but she’s hopeful after only being on the site for 3 months off and on. I found a few other folks who were quick to strike up a conversation and even decided to attend a Halloween Party! The invite took me off guard, but after reviewing the profile, which is very extensive, yet manageable to scan and make a good judge of character off of. I found the entire experience on being on Elite Singles very enjoyable compared to most sites I’ve tried. I think this is well worth the money! Happy hunting and have fun!


Elite Singles prides it’s self on being a dating site for professionals and higher quality users, claiming that up to 80% of their users have a degree from a University. This site tends to attract more high end, high quality daters, but not the ultra rich you may have in mind. Elite Singles started off in the United Kingdoms and spread to the United States, gaining over 20,000 new members a week and competing with other popular dating sites that have been in the market for decades. It claims that a user finds love every 8 minutes, so that is quite impressive on their success rates. For mature singles, this seems like the perfect site to find someone on your level of development. They even have a mobile app, which works great with memberships, but using the desk top version until you are familiar with all of the features available is recommended.

Elite Singles profiles have a myriad of information that make it easier for you to understand another user, but even with all the information it is still navigable on both the desk top and mobile versions. It is preferential according to Elite Singles to fill out as much information as possible, claiming it increases a users chances almost 10-fold! What more could you ask for when it comes to finding your next partner? Well keep reading for more details!

Membership Costs

Free Basic Account - Free

  1. 3 Month Membership - $89.85 per Month
  2. 6 Month Membership - $69.95 per Month
  3. 12 Month Membership - $49.95 per Month

Sign Up Process

The mobile and desk top versions have completely different sign up processes. On the mobile app, you only have to provide an email address and password. It is suggested that you create your profile first on the desk top version before signing into the mobile application. While on the desk top version, you’ll go through an extensive questionnaire that goes into your profile, it also allows you to fill in other information that you may want to include. The questionnaire takes about 30 to 45 minutes to complete. You’ll go through the obvious, sex, orientation, marital status, and education levels.

You’ll also have a list of qualities that you rate on a sliding scale of traits you find desirable or undesirable in a partner. From height, cigarette usage, to education levels. This is the part you are going to want to be picky about to save you time in the long run. After the questionnaire is complete, most of the boxes you would have to fill in will be auto-filled into your profile. You can always re do the information you would like to change.

Protect Your Privacy

Elite Singles is a SSL secured site, secured by COMODO for encryption of important data such as credit card information. Elite Singles also uses a firewall to protect user information. It also has a feature to keep prohibited information and card sharing through their messaging application. Some words are prohibited, such as hate speech, to keep users safe from harassment and there is the option of blocking ad reporting harmful behaviors.

Unique Features

  1. • You’ll receive 7-10 matches a day, plus 20 “wild cards” which are not fully compatible on their data driven matching algorithm.
  2. • Magazine feature, with dating experts, advice, and other articles about dating
  3. • Desktop versions have additional features for filtering and sorting, allowing you to send messages to a list of matches.
  4. • Walks you through a step-by-step process of contacting users.
  5. • All communications are logged in your inbox, even likes and winks.


  1. • Extremely detailed questionnaire that identifies 29 different characteristic traits for better matching.
  2. • Comprehensive, easy to read profiles that highlight qualities and similarities of who you view to make it easier to view matches.
  3. • Extreme security, filtering, and vetting process.


  1. • Zero searching options, like none at all.
  2. • Longer than average sign up process.
  3. • Mobile or app version isn’t as easy to use during signing up.
  4. • Mobile app isn’t useful without a membership.