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Match has established itself as one of the most secured online dating sites in the world. Because it has been there for two decades, users are satisfied with how they get to meet their potential partners online through’s unique features.


What makes one of the most in demand and most trusted online dating sites in the world is experience. It has been in the industry since 1995, being the pioneer dating website that has made a mark and set a yardstick in terms of creating connections and building relationships in the online world. Its dating platform is open to 18 to 80 years old, with all the tools and sections allotted to create tighter friendships. It has been rated effective by most users who have found their matches through the dating site.

The biggest edge of is its reputation, being the first dating site ever to have produced as many matches over time. The mere fact that it has stayed in the online dating industry for this long shows how successful it has become. has become a household name especially for hardcore daters who have depended their love lives online.


Paid Membership

Unlike other dating sites, Match requires a fee for all users who want to engage in the dating platform. This is primarily because of the sophistication and the exclusivity of the website. Its target market are adults who are looking for serious and long-term relationships, not just those who are up for flirting.

For those in the US and in Canada, the following rates apply, depending on how long the subscription will be:

  1. 12 months: $20.99 per month (a total of $251.88)
  2. 6 months: $23.99 per month (a total of $143.94)
  3. 3 months: $26.99 per month (a total of $80.97)
  4. 1 month: $41.99 per month

For those in the UK, here are the monthly subscription rates:

  1. 6 months: £12.99 per month (a total of £77.94)
  2. 3 months: £19.99 per month (a total of £59.97)
  3. 1 month: £29.99 per month

Free Trial

Those who just like to try it for fun or out of curiosity, Match offers a free 3-day trial, where you get to try limited features and services. After 3 days, you have to cancel your subscription or it will charge you automatically.

Sign Up Process

The sign up process is simple. You have to create a username and create a profile by filling in as much information as possible. Basic information necessary includes height, location, age, gender, marital status, interests and hobbies. This information is crucial in finding your matches so be sure you provide as necessary and as interesting information as possible. You can upload 26 photos in your profile so that other users can see how you look like even if they haven’t talked to you yet.

Navigation’s layout is pretty simple. At the top of the screen, the menu houses important tabs such as Search, Matches, Messages, Events and Connections. It can get pretty messed up if you have many unread notifications as it appears on the screen while you navigate.


Search Options

Match allows you to refine your search so that you get to zero in to those mature singles that fall under your preferences. It can be as generic or as specific as how you’d like it to, so be sure you maximize the following categories under the Search menu:

  1. Go Search. Allows you to run a quick generic search based on your pre-set preferences
  2. Custom Search. Allows you to filter your options by specifying the personality, the appearance and the interests that you are looking for in a partner
  3. Reverse Match. Provides search results of people whose preferences on a mature partner include the information that you have provided in your profile
  4. Mutual Match. Provides search results of people who are closely matched based on their profiles

Match is very specific with its search options. Preferences can be as specific as hair color, eye color, occupation, exercise frequency, favorite pets and favorite sports. Search filters also include real-time online status such as “Online Now and “Available to Chat.”


In this section, you’ll find a list of profiles of other users whose information are closely matched to your preferences. It also has Daily Matches, a list of profiles who are compatible to yours for that specific day.


In this tab, you get to see all those you have made connections with in your history. It has a list of users who have “liked” you, sent you a “wink”, those who have visited your profile, and those who have put you in their “favorites” list.


This is where you all your conversations with other users. This includes your inbox and outbox of private messages.

Unique Features

  1. Like at First Sight. Match has different online dating quizzes to choose from and one of the more popular is Like at First Sight. This picture-game personality quiz helps the site in defining your preferences.
  2. DateSpark Search. This section lets you determine your ideas and preferred activities for a first date. It also gives other users the idea on what time of the day and where in the world would you want to have your first date happen.
  3. MindFindBind With Dr. Phil. It is actually a tutorial for newbies in the dating game. However, this one is a serious monthly program that prepares you towards finding the perfect match, going on the perfect date and sustaining your relationship with your prospect and eventually making the relationship work with your partner.


  1. Popularity. Match is extremely popular, with 20 million members worldwide. This gives you many options to choose from in finding your perfect mate.
  2. Security. Match is very keen at confidentiality. All conversations that occur among users stay in an anonymous email network and no name nor contact information is ever shared unless there is consent. Match screens every profile and every photo uploaded by users before it is shared in the public sphere.


  1. Basic and Additional Costs. Free senior dating services are only up for 3 days and to fully enjoy the senior online dating site, you really have to shell out money. To further enjoy the features like personalization of profile and other stuff, Match demands a specific fee, which may be pretty annoying to other clients who are not really into spending just to date online.
  2. Online Chat Unavailable. Being one of the earliest online dating site platform, Match still has not upgraded into online chatting. It still relies on the private messaging through email type of communication.