OurTime.com Reviews

author Sonmor
Our Time is a good online dating site to try. It is complete with the basic online dating and communication tools, which can actually lead you to meeting new faces and knowing more cultures. Despite scams and fake profiles, Our Time has managed to provide safe online dating experience to its clients.


One of the newest online dating site is OurTime.com, which has been making waves since its establishment in 2011. Despite being new, it has captured the attention of its target market-those senior singles over 50-as effective platform to meet new people. It has become a haven for mature singles, longing to meet potential life partners through online dating. Its structure, design and features have been effective in keeping the interest of the older dating singles who’d love a cleaner and more sophisticated online dating site.

It may be relatively new but it is trying its best to keep up with the tight competition in the online dating market. From the way it campaigns online dating to the features it offers the public, there’s no doubt OurTime.com will be one of the biggest names online in the future.


  1. Search Options. Our Time allows you to search for potential friends or partners based on:
    1. Age Range
    2. Location
    3. Zip Code
    4. Religion
    5. Marital Status
    6. Gender
    7. Zodiac Sign
    8. Height
    9. Ethnicity
    10. Blood Type
    You may also search among those who are online and offline and those whose profiles have photos and those that don’t.
  2. Flirts and Favorites. Our Time allows you to choose whether to be gentle and slow when you like someone by just clicking “favorite”, or be quick and subtle by hitting the “flirt” button. However, both basically do the same: you let someone know you are interested in them and would like to start off a conversation.
  3. Lists. Our Time ensures that your notifications and other connection details in the dating platform are saved and can easily be tracked when needed. With this, it will provide you with a list of who has visited your profile, who has flirted and favorited you, your own favorites, profiles you have viewed, members who are presently online and whose members are celebrating their birthdays today.
  4. “I’m Interested”. This is one section where you are flashed with random photos of members. You will be asked whether you are interested or not on the person. If you press “yes”, a flirt will be sent to the person. The “I’m interested” feature can be sorted out based on age, location and interests.
  5. Customer Service. Aside from providing safe dating tips on its website, it has allotted a section for Frequently Asked Questions, which can be very helpful to those who are still learning about online dating. It also provides customer support online for questions, suggestions and security concerns.


OurTime.com gives chance to all those who want to experience a taste of online dating through their platform. They offer free dating service for seniors who are just a little curious about how it works, and they also offer monthly subscriptions to those who are willing to pay for full access to all features of the online dating site.

Free Membership

You can avail almost all of the features offered by OurTime.com, except that you don’t have access to online chat. You also can’t respond directly to your private messages. You also can’t see who has favorited or flirted with you, as well as you have no access to other members’ videos. What’s good about OurTime.com’s free trial is that you can use it unlimitedly, compared to other dating sites, which only offer trials for a specific period of time.

Paid Membership

The best thing about getting a monthly subscription and actually paying for it is that you get to gain full access to all OurTime.com’s features, including being able to read and reply to all your personal messages, to see other users who flirted with and favorited you, to see other’s uploaded videos and best of it all is being able to directly communicate with your potential matches through online chats.

Here are the corresponding costs for the subscriptions:

  1. Value membership for 6 months: $17.99 per month (a total of $107.94)
  2. Standard membership for 6 months: $14.99 per month (a total of $89.94)
  3. Standard membership for 1 month: $29.99

The features of value membership include access to full mobile site or app, message read notifications, profile and message highlights; and the features of standard membership just include access to full mobile site or app.

Sign Up

Most active users prefer an easy-to-navigate dating platform. Our Time has made a good job in maintaining its platform simple and intact. It has the basic create-an-account process, which includes putting your email address and creating a username. After creating an account, you can now fill in information about yourself to establish your basic profile. This includes:

  1. Name
  2. Date of Birth
  3. Location
  4. Zip Code
  5. Gender
  6. Marital Status


What most users love about OurTime is that it allows its members to fill in as many details as possible. You can include information about your physical appearance, history, family and other personal details that your potential partner might be interested about you. There are also personality questions on your preferences and interests that you can answer for the website to establish your personality and connect you with other members who might be compatible with you.

Our Time also allows you to maximize multimedia in improving your profile and creating better chances of finding potential matches. Apart from the profile photos that you can upload to establish your physical appearance, it also allows you to upload audio and video clips of yourself. Through this, the other members might get interested in your voice or in how exactly you look like as you appear on the video.


One of the major challenges that Our Time has been dealing with is the emergence of fake profiles and scammers, which is a crucial threat to the security of its members. Others, too, complain about the subscription costs and the billing processes, with some previous customers frustrated about overbilled charges.